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Screen & Lens Cleaning Wipes

Don't Miss the Moments Worth Seeing in the World

Life is too short to spend it staring at your loved ones through blurry glasses. Lozzy Screen and Lens Cleaning Wipes have an anti-vapor feature to ensure that you don’t miss any of life’s most important moments. It is thus possible to enjoy first-class viewing on your screen and windows not only when you are sitting at home, but also when you get outdoors.

Why Lozzy Screen & Lens Cleaning Wipe?

Fingerprints covering the entire screen of your computer, eyeglasses evaporating with your breath, or a baby food stain on the screen of your tablet are the things we are used to seeing in daily life. To deal with all of these issues, you can use Lozzy Glasses and Screen Cleaning Wipes, which are effective and leave no marks or scratches on your screens while maintaining hygiene.

Why Lozzy Screen & Lens Cleaning Wipe?
Pet Cleaning Wipes

Don't Deprive Your Pets of Lozzy Quality

Lozzy pet cleaning wipes is conveniently located nearby so that you don’t have to sacrifice quality for your pawed companions! The pet cleaning wipe is the best friend of paws and fur because of its non-irritating odour, soft texture, and high cleaning power for your pets.

Why Lozzy Pet Cleaning Wipes?

Don't go straight to the bathroom because of dirty paws after walk or some mischief of your pet at home. In addition to being a popular choice among pet owners, Lozzy pet cleaning wipes are also popular among pawed friends who dislike bath days, because they quickly and easily remove dirt from paws and fur in one easy step.

Why Lozzy Pet Cleaning Wipes?
Shoe Cleaning Wipes

Don't Let Stains Overshadow Your Elegance

Shoes are the attest to your style, elegance and self-confidence. Don’t let minor accidents during the day overshadow your elegance. Carefully produced for professional and smart cleaning, Lozzy shoe cleaning wipes do not damage the texture of your shoes while cleaning and provides long-lasting hygiene.

Why Lozzy Shoe Cleaning Wipes?

During the day, our shoes very often come face to face with unhygienic conditions. It may not be possible in all cases to carry a cleaning spray with you or to entrust your shoes to a professional shoe cleaner. However, thanks to Lozzy's shoe cleaning wipes containing a special cleaning and polishing solution, you can safely clean, shine and protect your shoes at any time of the day.

Why Lozzy Shoe Cleaning Wipes?
Intimate Hygiene Wipes

Treat Yourself with Silky Softness and Safe Hygiene

For the privileged cleaning of the privileged part of your body, always keep the Lozzy intimate cleaning wipes at hand. With its pH-balanced structure suitable for the sensitive structure of the genital area, Intimate wipes provide effective, fresh and safe hygiene in cleaning the private area.

Why Intimate Hygiene Wipes?

You would not be wrong to not rely on any product for the cleaning of the private area, which is the hidden gem of your body. With disposable intim cleaning wipes, 100% safe cleaning is now possible without causing dryness and irritation, unlike products such as shower gel or soap.

Why Intimate Hygiene Wipes?
Antiseptic Wet Towel

Have Maximum Hygiene in Minimum Volume

If you are working in a veterinary clinic or a beauty center, if there is no room for products such as cologne and disinfectant in your bag, or if you want to achieve quick hygiene in the use of common areas such as doors, tables, WCs, Lozzy Antiseptic Wet Towel is produced for you.

Why Antiseptic Wet Towel?

Although it may seem like the right solution for maximum cleaning, carrying liquid hygiene products during the day can be a huge burden. With the disposable antiseptic wet towel, you will now be able to safely touch the door handles, eat your meal safely in a cafeteria after spending time outside, or easily reach hygiene after examining your patients.

Why Antiseptic Wet Towel?

Enjoy the Taste of the Sun for 365 Days

The holiday season is such a short and magical time. Lozzy sunscreen is here for you to enjoy the sun as much as possible! You can have a wonderful bronze skin without worrying about protecting your most precious treasure, your skin. Give Lozzy sunscreen a try today to protect your loved ones and yourself with the best quality.

Why Lozzy Sunscreen?

Even if we are not aware of it, we are exposed to the harmful effects of the sun not only on vacation but also in our daily lives. Lozzy's water-based disposable sunscreen is also suitable for daily use on your skin. You can apply it just before going out in the sun or under your make-up thanks to the mattifying effect it leaves on your skin.

Why Lozzy Sunscreen?
Hair Gel

Express Your Style With Your Voluminous and Well-Groomed Hair

Our hair is an important part of our style, giving the first clues about our tastes. This is especially important for those who are interested in styling their hair. With Lozzy disposable hair gel, you can shape your hair in a few minutes wherever you are and easily adapt to the environment.

Why Lozzy Hair Gel?

The permanence of the wet look and styling ability is extremely important when choosing a hair gel. None of us want to be alone with dull hair later in the day. With Lozzy hair gel and its strong hold and lasting effect, you can confidently reflect your style for a long time, and you will not have to end the day early.

Why Lozzy Hair Gel?
Lint Roller

Don't Worry About The Spilled Hair of Your Pawed Friends

We love them, but heavy fluff in the environment can sometimes be a real problem. With the Lozzy lint roller, the hairs of your pawed friends are no longer a problem! The lint roller, which catches most of the hair in one cycle and leaves no tape marks, will be your savior in everyday life!

Why Lozzy Lint Roller?

Unfortunately, clothes, carpets, blankets and armchairs are not items that we can wash in a machine quickly. As a matter of fact, sticky hairs do not come off easily with washing. This is where you can count on the fast cleaning power of the Lozzy lint roller. 6 meters of adhesive roll paper, with its strong grip, catches lint and dust in one go, your clothes and belongings will be like new. And your furry friends will surely enjoy plenty of mischief after using lint roller.

Why Lozzy Lint Roller?
Makeup Remover Wipes

Make Makeup Removal Enjoyable

Removing your makeup is not as enjoyable as applying makeup, and we are all aware of this. Thanks to their refreshing and breathing texture, Lozzy Make-up Remover Wipes and Acetone Nail Polish Removal Wipes help to reverse this situation completely. With Lozzy, you will look forward to the moment you take off your make-up and feel the freshness of your skin after applying your daily makeup as well as your special day makeup.

Why Lozzy Make-up Remover Wipes?

Let's admit that there have been a number of occasions that you desire to fall asleep without removing your makeup or cleaning your nail polish. With Lozzy Makeup Remover Wipes, it is now possible to completely remove your makeup in a matter of minutes, at anywhere. Deep pore cleaning can be accomplished without the use of a solution, an oil, or a spray, and only with the wipe that was taken from the package. If you use an Acetone Nail Polish Removal Wipe, you can even remove your dark nail polishes in a single try.

Why Lozzy Make-up Remover Wipes?
Other Products

Browse Countless Products Waiting for You in the Hygiene Universe

Take a look at our products now to have a privileged hygiene experience with natural, high quality, healthy and useful cleaning products.

Wet Wipes

Create Clean and Hygienic Conditions Anytime Anywhere

Wet Wipes, the sole saviour of minor accidents at home, in the car, on the road and in situations requiring hygiene, is the best invention in the world, don’t you think? With Lozzy first class Antibacterial Wet Wipes, you can meet your hygiene needs in premium quality at every moment of your life.

Why Lozzy Wet Wipes?

When you use Lozzy Wet Wipes, which have been proven to be 99 percent effective against bacteria, you can get a fresh start to the day thanks to the unique aromas of our products, while keeping harmful microorganisms away in every area you need to keep them at bay. The temptation to touch our wet wipes, which are made extra soft for the health of your skin, will be too strong for you to resist.

Why Lozzy Wet Wipes?
Cotton Swabs

Don't Close Your Ears to the Harmonious Sounds of the Universe

It is priceless to hear the voice of a loved one or to hear your favourite song… Lozzy Cotton Swab is by your side in your battle against microorganisms that impair your hearing quality and pose a threat to your overall health and well-being.

Why Lozzy Cotton Swabs?

The soft cotton texture of the Lozzy Cotton Swab ensures that hygiene and cleaning are provided without causing damage to the delicate structure of your ears. Don't turn a deaf ear to the important sounds in your life and use cotton swabs, which can be used very practically thanks to its ergonomic packaging options.

Why Lozzy Cotton Swabs?
Baby Cotton Swabs

Trust The Brand That Cares For Your Most Valuable One As Much As You Do

We understand that your child is your most precious possession. That is precisely why you should put your trust in a company that is just as concerned about it as you are. Lozzy Baby Cotton Buds, with its soft cotton and ergonomic shape, allows you to perform a delicate cleaning on your baby’s inner ear without causing any damage.

Why Lozzy Baby Cotton Swabs?

Lozzy's Baby Cotton Swab is specially designed for your baby's sensitive skin to ensure the highest level of hygiene for his or her ear health. Its ergonomic design, which is tailored to the ear sizes of your baby, allows you to use it comfortably without reaching too deep in the ear.

Why Lozzy Baby Cotton Swabs?
Baby Cleaning Cotton

Use The World's Most Sensitive Cotton For The World's Most Sensitive Skin

We understand that you are apprehensive about experimenting with different chemical products on the sensitive skin of your most prized possession. It is possible to clean your baby’s skin with Lozzy Baby Cleaning Cotton, which is made entirely of organic materials and does not contain any chemicals. While using the cleaning cottons, which are at least as soft as your babys’ skin, you won’t need to use any other product for them.

Why Lozzy Baby Cleaning Cotton?

When it comes to taking care of your baby on a daily basis and cleaning his or her bottom, Lozzy Baby Cleaning Cotton will be your best friend. You can clean large parts in one blow thanks to the thick texture and useful sizes. You can use it slightly damp or dry, depending on your preference, not only for body cleaning but also for applying liquid products.

Why Lozzy Baby Cleaning Cotton?

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