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Intimate Hygiene Wipes (Disposable 10 Pcs.)

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Intimate Hygiene Wipes (Disposable - 10 Pcs.)

Best Intimate Hygiene Wipes

Known as genital area cleaning wipes, Intimate Hygiene Wipes are each disposable and offering ten wipes in a package. Specially produced for cleaning the genital area, Intimate Hygiene Wipes are suitable for the pH value of the genital area and has been appreciated by people who use genital area cleaning wipes, which are suitable for external use. So, what is the Intimate cleaning wipes and what are its features?

Intimate Hygiene Wipes Features

Suitable for the compatibility values of the skin, Intimate Hygiene Wipes do not harm the sensitivity of the genital area, and are pH balanced; they ensure that the genital area is cleaned effectively and maintains its natural balance in this process.

Shower gels and cleaning gels are generally not suitable for the pH balance of the genital area, which may cause dryness and, especially, irritation in the area. However, Intimate cleaning wipes are products that are highly appreciated by the users and have been proven to be suitable for daily use as result of researches, because it is compatible with the skin. Intimate Hygiene Wipes, which are disposable, are alcohol and paraben free. It also supports the health of the genital area thanks to its special formula that maintains the balance of the skin.

Usage Areas of Lozzy Intimate Hygiene Wipes

Preferred for external cleaning of the genital area, Intimate Hygiene Wipes are a very healthy option for cleaning the genital area in a pH-balanced manner. Since the pH value of products such as shower gel or shampoo is not suitable for the genital area, it can cause dryness and irritation in this area. For this reason, the wipes are produced to be compatible with the skin and do not contain harmful ingredients. So, how to use Intimate cleaning wipes?

Intimate Hygiene Wipes, which are in single packages and are disposable, must be used externally. Wipes, which provide cleaning without additional products such as water or soap for external cleaning of the genital area, help the area to become hygienic in a practical way. Wipes that do not require the use of an additional product or water before and after wiping, help to clean the genital area to be cleaned simply and without hassle with just a wipe. In this way, practical, effective and healthy cleaning can be achieved.