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Optical Protecive Cleaning Wipe (Disposable 30 Pcs.)

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Optical Protective Cleaning Wipe (Disposable - 30 Pcs.)

Best Optical Protective Cleaning Wipes

Lozzy Optical Protective Cleaning Wipes, which you can use to clean the screen and glass surface of many different products, is a product that can be preferred as a screen cleaning wipe in electronic products and also as a glasses cleaning wipe. Moreover, thanks to its optical protective feature, it provides cleaning without damaging the glasses.

Lozzy Optical Protective Cleaning Wipes Features

Not causing steam and preventing the formation of steam on the glasses with its anti-steam feature, Lozzy Optical Protective Cleaning Wipes can be preferred as a highly functional glasses cleaning wipe. This product, which offers quality cleaning without scratching the glasses and without damaging the glass, can also be preferred for cleaning the screens of electronic devices. If you are wondering “How to clean phone screen?”, it is possible to clean the screen of your phone, computer, tablet or smart watch easily without damaging it with the Lozzy Optical Protective Cleaning Wipes.

Optical Protective Cleaning Wipes, which is frequently preferred as a mobile phone cleaning wipe, does not damage screens and glass products or does not leave any traces thanks to its special texture, and ensures that all dust is cleaned from the surface. Having the same effect on eyeglasses, the product gently cleans glass surfaces and ensures that dust is completely removed from the surface. Disposable wipes in single packs are thirty pieces in a box and do not contain alcohol or paraben. With its special texture, it does not damage the surfaces. The wipes, which can kill bacteria up to 99%, are specially formulated for bacteria.

Usage Areas of Lozzy Optical Protective Cleaning Wipes

Known also as eyeglass cleaning wet wipes, Optical Protective Cleaning Wipes have a wide range of uses. This product, which is especially preferred for cleaning dusty and dirty glasses, can also be preferred as an antibacterial phone cleaning wipes. You can also use these products to wipe the screens of many electronic devices such as tablets, computers, smart watches. Since it is known as a phone screen cleaning wipe, it actually cleans all sensitive glass surfaces without damaging them. Lozzy Optical Protective Cleaning Wipes can be safely preferred on electronic devices, glasses, camera lenses, magnifying glasses and similar glass surfaces.